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Lolita (100% real photos)

23yo Taiwanese girl, 176 cm e cup, slim and tall, pretty face, elegant look, 宝岛姑娘, 大胸 长腿妹 身材好哇噻 100% real photos
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Mandy (100% Real photos)

19yo chinese uni student, size 6, 165cm tall, natural C cup, soft white skin. very new to industry(Virgin). Please treat her well, she will do her best to pressured you. ASIAN CUSTOMERS ONLY!
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Rui (6pm till 3am)

new Japanese 23yo, Soft white skin, size 6, 160cm tall, nurse addict Av diamond service girl. Working today 6pm till 3am
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Macao,23yo,size 6
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Veronika from Venezuela 🇻🇪 mix Brazil 🇧🇷
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Sandra (erotic and leggy, New Indonesian girl) 红牌回归

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Mia (100% Real photos)

Vietnam 22yo, size 6 , 49kg , 162cm, cute and sweet pretty face , just arrive Sydney high recommended
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Navy (100% Real photos)

Vietnam 28yo, 165cm , cup D , sexy girl with unlimited service. New to Sydney
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Arrived 14/05, Vietnamese, 28yo
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new girl, arrived 07/05
21yo, 172cm tall, size 5
pretty face, long beautiful legs
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